Welcome to Adelaide Lodge No 2

South Australia and Northern Territory Constitution

Tyling at 7:15pm on the 3rd Tuesday of every month!

This website was designed with the intention of giving sick, infirm and absent brethren an opportunity to keep up to date with their lodge's activities and news.
It also provides people who are interested in freemasonry an insight into the workings of one of South Australia's oldest Lodges.

Adelaide Lodge No 2 meets in the Port Adelaide Masonic Building on the Corner of Dale Street and Commercial Road, Port Adelaide on the Third Tuesday of every month. We Tyle at 7:15 PM and ceremoniously greet visiting brethren at about 7:30 PM and our installation is carried out in June.

“We plan our History. We don’t wait for it to happen!”

Adelaide Lodge No2

Our Officers for 2019 - 2020

Ben Levi

Worshipful Master

Cooper Alan

Senior Warden

Carl Olsen

Junior Warden

Bouke Jansen

Bro. acting as Chaplain

David Morrison-Evans

Treasurer – Foundation

Trevor Molde


David Morrison-Evans

Director of Ceremonies

Fred Levi

Immediate Past Master

David Wallace

Senior Deacon

Michael Lamey

Junior Deacon

Mark Frazier

Inner Guard

David Morrison-Evans


Wayne Hancock


Perry Pewee


Mark Fraser


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