November 6, 2017

About Freemasonry

Why do people join and remain members of Freemasonry?

People become Freemasons for a variety of reasons

  • as the result of family tradition,
  • upon the introduction of a friend, or
  • out of curiosity to know what it is all about.

Freemasonry attracts a special type of person, as is shown by those members who have been mayors, governors, politicians, local councilors, presidents and chairmen of local organizations.
They have a keen community spirit, leadership qualities, ability and make time to assist organizations in the community for their betterment and ultimately…benefit for their families.

Those who become active members and who grow in Freemasonry, do so principally because they enjoy it.
They enjoy the challenges and fellowship that Freemasonry offers.
There is more to it, however, than just enjoyment.How many organizations do you know where people maintain their membership for 50 and more years. There have been many 50 year jewel veterans in Adelaide Lodge. Here are are three of them all from one family!

Participation in the dramatic presentation of moral lessons (called ‘degrees’) and in the working of a lodge, provides a member with a unique opportunity to learn more about himself and encourages him to live in such a way that he will always be in search of becoming a better man, not better than someone else, but better than he himself would otherwise be, and therefore an exemplary member of society.

Each Freemason is required to learn and show humility through initiation. Then, by progression through a series of degrees, he gains insight into moral and philosophical concepts, and accepts a variety of challenges and responsibilities which are both stimulating and rewarding.

The structure and working of the lodge and the sequence of ceremonial events, which are usually followed by a social gathering (called the Festive Board), offer members a framework for companionship, teamwork, character development and enjoyment of shared experiences.
Many thousands of books have been written on the subject of Freemasonry and are readily available to the general public.

Freemasonry offers spokesmen and briefings for the media and provides talks to interested groups on request. Freemasons are proud of their heritage and happy to share it.